Reviews for Indirect Procedures: A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique

"The availability of such a book has been long overdue. It is to be thoroughly recommended not only to professionals but to everyone interested in applying the Alexander Technique to music-making, or rather, the application of the Alexander Technique to living in general and to music in particular."
Malcolm Williamson, Classical Music

"This book by de Alcantara, a cellist and Alexander teacher, is particularly timely . . . The book is peppered with interesting quotes by and about the century's great musicians. It includes some priceless illustrations."
Janet Banks, BBC Music

"The first comprehensive guide to the Alexander Technique which discusses in detail its application to the different aspects of music making. . . . a readable, thought-provoking book that offers useful insights for musicians at all levels. . . . Quotes from great musicians and a wealth of photographs combine with the clarity of the writing to produce an excellent reference book for musicians. Indirect Procedures will provide music teachers with much useful material to draw on - for themselves and for their pupils."
Music Teacher, August 1997

"This is unquestionably the best account of the Alexander Technique, as I understand it ... the author has brought information, intelligence and logic to his task."
Alexander Murray, The NASTAT News, Spring 1997

"A very well put together book ... It is a book that is very tempting to slip into, but ideally should be read and re-read. There is much that is thought-provoking. This is definitely a book to own, and having read a draft of the book when in its formative stage, I am delighted to be able to recommend it wholeheartedly."
Antonia Del Mar, European String Teachers Association