Photo by Rebecca Young

        Photo by Rebecca Young

Life is a series of transformations. Before you’re even born, you exist as an idea. Then love transforms you from a potentiality into a baby. From baby to toddler to boy to man, or girl to woman, your transformation never stops. The path is long and varied: You change careers, you change beliefs . . . The changes are unpredictable and yet logical, although often you can only understand them retroactively. One day you’ll inevitable change from matter to pure energy. It’s the ultimate transformation, which none of us can understand.

I grew up in Brazil, studied the cello in New York, trained as an Alexander teacher in London, and settled in Paris. This meant leaving home, passing between cultures, learning new languages . . . adapting and transforming myself.

My professional life, too, has been one of transformation. I started my career as a classically trained musician, became a teacher and coach, and discovered a passion for writing. Books, articles, and essays have propelled my exploration and contributed to the continuing transformation of my thinking.

After many years away from the concert stage, I started performing again—but this time not as a classically trained cellist but as an improviser, composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist.

My new music is the embodiment of transformation. The cello becomes a lute, a theorbo, or a percussion instrument. The voice becomes a trumpet, a herald, or the cry of a whale. Music itself is transformed: A song becomes a prayer, and a prayer becomes child’s play.

In my work as a teacher and coach, I help my clients achieve their own health-giving transformations. My work and my life, then, are one. I can barely wait to see what’ll be my next metamorphosis!

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